British-born Amanda Campbell has spent over 10 years managing interior design projects for a range of clients.  She brings a sense of perspective to seemingly impossible renovations, and always offers rational thinking and a calm, diplomatic demeanour, in tandem with great creative flair.

Amanda became interested in interior design as a profession following a couple of complex renovations which she undertook for herself and her own family.  Through extensive research, experience and making good connections with suppliers, she has gone on to enjoy involvement on a number of projects for clients.

She always enjoys a collaborative approach – incorporating a client’s needs is her priority – and she is able to help with anything from meeting a builder/contractor and other suppliers, to having furniture custom-made.

Amanda says: “Where others might see mess, ugly bathrooms, impractical layouts and outdated kitchens, I am able to see a blank canvas and enjoy creating a vision to share with my clients.”


Amanda’s eye for design, and appreciation of diversity in design, comes from an acute interest in the world.  She has travelled extensively and enjoys a broad understanding of how people live and what their practical needs are.  She draws on her own life experiences and has real conviction in what she finds aesthetically pleasing.


Amanda believes in a few simple principles in interior design – clean lines, a largely neutral palette and splashes of vibrant colour are her ‘trademarks’.

Amanda brings her own twist to classic, contemporary designs.  She can work to a strict brief but will always identify opportunities to demonstrate irreverence in a home environment.

She gives purpose to a room’s dimensions and can ‘create’ space through a clever use of furniture placement, colour and lighting. 

Amanda says “I enjoy creating something unexpected. Texture is a key component, whatever your basic colour palate. It’s really important to have lots of different materials to make things more interesting.”